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was never fully implemented, as the Länder were still used as administrative divisions for some government departments such as education. Speer improved production by centralising planning and control, reducing production of consumer goods, and using forced labour and slavery. The plan was to overthrow Hitler or possibly assassinate him. Communist and Social Democratic resistance groups resumed activity in late 1942, but were unable to achieve much beyond distributing leaflets. Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschichte (in German). Smoking was banned in many workplaces, on trains, and among on-duty members of the military. Violent suppression of communists by the SA was undertaken nationwide and 4,000 members of the Communist Party of Germany were arrested. Wells, and Émile Zola were publicly burned.

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Poland fell quickly, as the Soviet Union attacked from the east on 17 September. The West German government estimated a death toll.2 million civilians due to the flight and expulsion of Germans and through forced labour in the Soviet Union. Barriers to trade led to hoarding, black markets, and uncertainty about the future. New York: Penguin Books. Germany was split into four zones, each occupied by one of the Allied powers, who drew reparations from their zone. But little other activity occurred until May, so the period became known as the " Phoney War ". France saw the greatest extent of Nazi plunder. Catholic schools were required to reduce religious instruction and crucifixes were removed from state buildings. The German Instrument of Surrender was signed 8 May, marking the end of the Nazi regime and the end of World War II in Europe. The Nazis exploited other conquered nations in a similar way. As was the case with other art forms, the Nazis ostracised musicians who were deemed racially unacceptable and for the most part disapproved of music that was too modern or atonal. Cosmopolitan Islanders: British Historians and the European Continent. In an attempt to resolve the shortage, in June 1942 Germany launched Fall Blau Case Blue an offensive against the Caucasian oilfields. The most notorious doctor to perform medical experiments was SS- Hauptsturmführer. Goebbel's propaganda campaigns carried out in the second half of 1941 and again in 1943 had failed to convert them". The Jewish community was fined one billion marks to pay for the damage caused by Kristallnacht and told that any insurance settlements would be confiscated. Medical experiments, many of them pseudoscientific, were performed on concentration camp inmates beginning in 1941. In 1936, a Confessing Church envoy protested to Hitler against the religious persecutions and human rights abuses. Post-war changes With the issuance of the Berlin Declaration on later creation of the Allied Control Council, the four Allied powers assumed temporary governance of Germany.


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